Provider Information

Debra Doubek, M.D.

Family Practice

Dr. Debra Doubek is a native of Belleville, Kansas. She moved to Manhattan following her graduation from the University of Kansas School of Medicine.  Following graduation from KU, Dr. Doubek completed her internship and family practice residency also at the University of Kansas in Kansas City.  Dr. Doubek moved to Manhattan and started practice in 1992.


Dr. Doubek is a middle aged athlete, she exercises outdoors every day. You will see her bicycling or running through town very early in the mornings around 5-5:30. She frequently rides her bicycle to Wamego and back on weekends. She has run 2 marathons and 4 triathlons. Dr. Doubek once rode her bicycle 100 miles in 1 day in 100 degree weather in Wichita Falls, TX.


She loves to garden and cook. If you see flowers around the office, many times they come from her gardens. Dr. Doubek has used her flowers for weddings and showers of Stonecreek employees. Her mother was a home Economics teacher, Dr. Doubek’s specialty is pies. Several years back, her lattice top fresh peach pie won a purple ribbon in the open class at the Riley County Fair. Dr. Doubek’s pie pan was returned empty from the judges.


Dr. Doubek loves to volunteer. She was a founding physician of the Flint Hills Community clinic, a free clinic for Riley County citizens who have no health insurance. She is a volunteer speaker for many organizations in Manhattan.


She has been married for 34 years to Tom Phillips. Tom was the Mayor of Manhattan in 2007-2008 and is currently the 67th District Legislator of the House of Representatives in Topeka. Dr. Doubek and Tom have two boys, Nathan and Neil. Nathan is a Healthcare Executive who lives in Denver, Colorado. Neil is a 4th year medical student at KU Medical Center in Kansas City. 


Dr. Doubek’s passion is treating obesity. She has a second Board Certification in Bariatric Medicine, the specialty of obesity.

When she retires, many years from now, her ultimate dreams are to practice medicine for a couple of years in Europe. Dr. Doubek would also love to practice at The Hague in the Netherlands, around Padua or Verona Italy, or in Australia or New Zealand. Another dream is to run a horse and dog rescue program. 


"Start each day by reminding yourself that this day is full of potential and there is greatness to be have to look for it!!!"