About Us

Stonecreek Family Physicians opened in 1999 with four doctors, Drs. Kevin Wall, Douglas Hinkin, Keith Wright and Debra Doubek who previously practiced at Manhattan Family Physicians.  Understanding the need to make patients comfortable as well as the need for efficiency they worked diligently to create the blueprint for Stonecreek.  Construction began in 1998 with the first patients cared for in the new facility in June 1999.  Dr. Jacqi Seaton joined  Stonecreek in June followed by Dr. Kiracofe in August of 1999. 
Dr. Ryan Knopp became an associate in August 2003. With another Construction project in 2012,  Stoncreek added on to the building,

August of 2012. Dr. Melissa Rosso then joined the team in October of 2013. Our newest physician, Dr. Bethany Duff has joined the team September of 2014.

As physicians became busier in their hospital and office practices, it was apparent that assistance was needed to see acutely ill patients in a timely fashion.  Mid-level health practitioners were recruited and hired to utilize their skills in urgent care.  Stonecreek Family Physicians is proud that we can offer same day office visits to these patients.  We have a group of well educated, caring physicians assistants and nurse practitioners at your service.


 Mission Statement


Family Practice

Debra Doubek, M.D.
Bethany Duff, M.D.
Douglas P. Hinkin, M.D.
Kent Kiracofe, M.D.
Ryan Knopp, M.D.
Jacqi Lambert, M.D.
Danelle Perry, MD
Melissa Rosso, M.D., M.P.H
Kevin K. Wall, M.D.
Keith Wright, M.D.

Physician Assistant Certified

Tricia Gill, PA-C
Elizabeth Wegner-Busch, PA-C